Alpha bug?

Hi i just had 2 out of 3 lives on an Alpha battle finished the first one and got a loading screen after waiting for a very long time i went out of the game and then back in and my 1 life was gone so i played again again at the end it showed a loading screen waited again switched off my wifi switched on my mobile data still nothing just loading had to go out of the game again went back in both lives gone and my progress not added. Screenshot_20190613-061814

Hey there, @Tania_Booyzen, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened! In order to take a closer look at your account and see what might have happened, reach out to our team at, including your support key so that our team can assist you faster.

I have had this same problem many times it’s very frustrating when that is what causes the alpha to escape because you don’t get your points. A few people in my clan have reported it as well. But I have dealt with it from the beginning of alpha battles and it use to be worse.

Yeah, after about a week of stability, looks like today Ludia’s server is overheating again. Don’t bother contacting support, I think they can build a skyscraper from all these complaints. But, for what it’s worth, some people did say that they got 3 energy refunded once. Since it does apparently less than nothing and is less than 10% of energy most people have wasted - all you can do is wait for the inbound update, which is promised to fix this and the other issues.