Alpha bugs have to stop

I know, I know… You’re fixing the bugs and it will be fixed in next update. But it keeps on destroying the game for us in the clans, who are calculating hits and trying to do the math, before giving the clan a go for using all energy.

  1. We got the well known loading bug. That happend at least 3 times for us on the last alpha, and that is “normal”. I would maybe call it in the low end of what we have seen.

  2. We’re starting to see another weird bug where damage first is calculated into the Alphas total damage, but shortly after removed. That also happend 3 times for us on our last Alpha.

In total these 2 bugs cost us around 120k in alpha damage. We made the kill on our 9* but made our opportunity to take down 2 in a row and see a 10* Alpha very small.

I really enjoy doing the math on these Alphas, but these bugs are making it close to impossible to count on anything.

Im not sure if you know about the second bug. But feel free to check my clan, Valhallas Finest. It happend for Gouldy on hes 6th hit, MissMae0527 on her 6th hit and NightfurY on hes 5th hit.

I dont count on anything, but would be nice with some kind of feedback.


They know about 2nd bug. It has been reported

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