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Alpha chest level:
1* scale:
2* scale:
1* dragon:
2* dragon:
3* dragon:
basic draft:
prenium draft:

Level 1 chest

5k fish
1-star scale x2
2-star scale x1
20 rune
1 basic dragon card
1-star dragon

Level 4 chest

14k fish
8 random color 1-star dragon scales
4 random color 2-star dragon scales
80 runes
1 basic draft card
1 premium draft token card (have only obtained a premium card once)
3-star dragon (Brute-Wurst)

Level 5 chest

17k fish
1s {random color} dragon scale x10
2s {random color} dragon scale x5
100 runes
1 basic draft card
3s random dragon x2

Note: I have only obtain a premium draft card once, and that was on a level 4 chest


I have only opened 1 star chests so far and have gotten 3-star dragons + basic draft card + the other rewards you mentioned. Every single time.

I almost think getting a 3-star dragon is a given.