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Alpha chests - bug or working as intended?

Can you please explain the Alpha chest rewards, how they work, in more detail?

Example from in game help says based on last five alphas and always rounding up, citing that 5,5,5,6,7 would yield a level 6 chest. So why today, when my last five alphas are 1,2,2,2,3 was my chest only level 1?

did you ever unlock your first chest?

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I also have this. I opened 3 1* chests and the level didn’t increase :confused:
Mine Alpha will be 3* today

Mine is currently level 2and I think I had done 1 1 1 2 2 as it was at level 2 before I did our first 3*
Just did the math and I should have been at level 1 before 3*…

Could you take a screenshot of the rewards for level 2 chest? Like the tooltip, not the actual rewards. Or at they the same, just more of them\higher chance of a Premium Draft?

We need a list of rewards for these chests AND we need to know whether failing to kill an Alpha would still give you the damage-ranking keys in the end. Like, does killing Alpha just give them earlier, or do you still get them before the next Alpha?

I think once we get a ~900k Alpha - these questions will be answered.

Screen is the same. I’ll post actual results after I open

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Actually it must be on alpha faced before kill. I was just looking at my keys and realized there will be times I can open during an alpha, before the last kill. Close this time as I’m at 275

Yes, this was my second chest. The chest changed to level 2 after I claimed it, which would be accurate for the current last five Titans, but will no longer be accurate once I am able to open the chest.

I suspect higher chests will just be more rolls on the loot table. Level 1 chest gets 3 rolls on the scale table, for example, and level 2 chest maybe gets 4 rolls. The odds of getting a two-star or three-star scale on each roll remain the same, your just getting additional roll.

Right now, it looks like the chest level is determined when the chest “spawns” instead of when it is claimed. It is important to know which is the correct way, because I honestly would have waited a day to claim it so that I could have a level 3 chest instead of level 2 chest on the new one.

Level 2 chest does require 10 more keys than level 1 chest. So it seems hard to update upon opening as that could require more keys

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Hmm, I did not notice that, but you are correct.

Also, that’s a really weird way to do rewards?

Level 2 chest
8k fish, 2 1* blue scales, 2 1* yellow scales, 1 2* blue scale, 1 2* red scale, 40 runes, 1 common draft token, 1 1* dragon


I should know tomorrow if it is at spawn or not. Spawned at level 2, but tomorrow’s should pit me up to a level 3. I won’t open until friday

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I have a clan mate who opened their chest after defeating today’s Alpha. This makes the last five Alphas participated in 2,2,2,3,3 for that person.

That player’s new chest is showing a level 2, but should be level 3 based on the info in the in game help, which states based on last 5 alphas and always round up.

12/5 =2.4 level 2 chest

Confirmed by me and others, chest level is set at spawn and does not change

I am not positive, but I think the tooltip may not change for any chest level. I have not heard of anyone getting a premium token yet, so it may only be available at higher chest levels which makes a lot of sense

2.4 would normaly round down. But they specifically stated in patch notes, thet they always round up.
An they surely did not mean to round up to x.x, instead of x.xx

I would assume this was worded poorly and they actually round up or down. Of course people have been getting the wrong chests either way, so who knows

“poorly worded” would be a huge understatement. They explicitely wrote “round up to superior number”. There is no room for “wording”.
I wouldnt mind if they rounded down too. It actually makes sense. I just want a correct information.

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May be a translation error as well. There are grammar errors in the game as well