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Alpha chests

What are Alpha Chest prizes?
I got some 4* and i always get:
8 1* scales
4 2* scales
80 runes
normal draft
and 3* dragon.

It depends on what Alphas you were fighting, and whether you defeated them or not.

It does not.matter if you defeat alphas or not for contents

Doesn’t it change which star level chest you get? Or you mean to say all chests are the same, no matter if you fight high or low star Alpha?

Doesnt change level of chest either. That is based on what level alphas you fought. The higher the chest level, the more rewards you get

Yes, that is what I mean. In other words.

Only in higher than 1* Alpha raids, when one loses the 1 battle the chest rewards convert to the previous star chest, according to what I’ve seen posted on this forum. I have yet to win one anyway, so getting a chest takes days…

That is incorrect. The chest level is set at spawn and won’t change.

Well, I think I can recall having seen otherwise.

What Talisax meant was that once you get the chest - it’s level is fixed. It won’t be updated even if you spend a week fighting Alphas of all levels, except for the one that your chest was assigned with. After you open it - the game will recalculate the last… 5 or so alphas and designate another chest level for you based on the most frequentlh defeated level of alphas.


Ah, okay. I get it now. Thanks for making it clear.

I know it but i want also know what other chest rewards are:
eg 1*,5*,6* chests

@Tom_Ender What * chests have you opened so far?

Same rewards, just more of them

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@Talisax So, you don’t get any 3* scales in the rewards?

No. You can see all that is possible in chest info


  1. It doesn’t make much sense. Higher * level battles need higher rewards.

  2. I can’t do that. And even if I could check the contents, it’s only about the 1* Alphas, so it’s not possible for me to check - or get - the rewards for higher * Alpha chests.

The reward screen for the alpha chest is the same for all levels.
You get more rewards, possibly you get a higher chance for premium token

Update: it shows the nature of contents, too, if I press on it for a little while. For chest level 1 though.

Really, so where exactly are we supposed to gather 3* scales from? Assuming I level up my dragons enough to be able to beat all levels of scales events - daily and specials - it will never be enough to gather any. I had assumed I would be able to get 3* scales from other neans too, like Alphas, at that point. Now I am disheartened. And disappointed.

Daily scale quests. That is 7 3* scales per week.