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Alpha Clan Battle Bug

After our clan defeated an Alpha, today, another one would appear.
Is this normal because yesterday, we defeated one Alpha, and that was it.

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Yup and I didn’t get my keys for killing it, just another popped up

Same here.
Yesterday, I fought one battle with the Alpha, received 70 keys
Today, I fought 3 battles with the Alpha and received 3 keys per battle
After 2 battles, the Alpha reset and appeared again with none of my damage showing in the ranks.

Oh, now it shows up correctly after about 4 alphas…so which battle counted towards the points? Seems like just the first battle.

Looks like the system is calculating our rewards now.

But taking more time then yesterday

So the alpha seemed just as strong like the one yesterday. Wasnt the point that they would become stronger?

Yeah I was wondering about that, it was a 1 star again, I assumed it would be a 2 star this time

And, the rewards do not make sense, either. I am getting more than players who have lots more BP than me…

That part came through, though…

It’s all based on damage. If you did 3 battles and did 12k each and they only did 2 battles but did 17k, you still did more.

You are missing the point.
Our group would defeat the Alpha and another one would appear.
Sorry, if I was not clear on that information.

By my clan it has build the summ out of the three times i atack one alpha (we have definitely kill more than one)
I had round 18k 20k and 22k and at the endlist i was rank 4 with round 58k damage

We killed ours quicker…damn too easy. 5 minutes and four players yesterday. 3 today…