Alpha clan bug

In our clan we were fighting 8-9 stars alphas.
After the update in the clan history the 8 and 9 stars alphas become 2 and 3 stars alpha (?!?!?!)

But worse, Is today alpha was a 3 star alpha. If u dont fix this we are going to waste 10 data fighting worthless alpha and that means clan Will be destroyed.


Apparently you don’t sound serious and angry enough.

I just posted a similar problem in another thread and got promptly deleted by forum admin.

Apparently Ludia doesn’t like it when paying customers call them out on their mistakes.


Hey Ddedo, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can take a closer look? Thanks!

My clan was fighting 9 stars Alpha…

  1. The next day all of a sudden 2 stars Alpha appeared.

  2. Our entire clan points got wiped.

  3. Our entire clan members ranking and points got wiped.

  4. Our Alpha chest level reset.

Send in a ticket you said? Well it takes over 2 weeks for support to answer our emails…by then we will have fought back up to our previous Alpha stars level.

What is support going to do? Give us some energy? 100 runes for compensations? No I don’t want any of that. I want the issue to be recognized and fixed…and my voice to not be silenced for criticizing your game. “Moderating” my bug report cited that I violated some “religious, political, or otherwise controversial topics” was the most ridiculous thing I have heard in awhile.

You are losing subscribers. You are losing players. Do something.


Thanks Ned,
I already sent an in-game ticket.
There they asked me about the support Key, and i gave them.
So i suppose they have all they Need.

Btw some dedicated clan members already went away. Hope your support team Will Active before everyone goes away.