Alpha damage not working!

There is a serious bug with the alph battles! Damage is being deleted, hits aren’t showing up in the log or they show up at first and then are magically gone. Not just me, it’s affecting the entire clan!

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Yep, Fury Guardians is infested tonight. We lose strikes out of the blue… They get counted when we leave battle, the ranklists do the sum right after, but some of the hits don’t get registered in the Alpha logs and as a result, when we enter the game again, the ranklists are updated to less damage so as to show the amount the hits in the Alpga log added up give.

Personally, I had done hits of about 100k, 43k and 77k and the ranklists showed me with 219 total, but the battlelog didn’t register it. When I logged again, I was down to 143k.1 good hit stolen

Hawkeye experienced a similar thing, and I’ve checked the ranklist and the Alpha log and uhm, I definitely think I see less damage now than there was let’s say 30min ago.

Alpha health seems to be getting consumed though. Not sure if that’s with our hidden hits or without.

Hey Hawkeye1, could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can try and assist you? If you can include the date and time of when the issue occurred, it would be really helpful.


She already has :slight_smile:

We’re hoping you’ll actually do something about this, yeah? I won’t be sending a ticket as well; too busy.

Yeah, I’m still waiting for help about my clan search too. It’s been messed up since 3/14 and still not fixed, put 3 tickets in on that. 1 a week.

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Already did.