Alpha died and new one appeared

ATTN: Ludia mods and developers — the clan Valhalla’s Berserkers has encountered an unusual bug, one we haven’t seen previously reported! We defeated our 3 :star: Shellfire quite easily and early and collected our keys… and then a new alpha spawned, a 3 :star: Bewilderbeast!

You might think we’d be happy about this… opportunity for more keys, more rewards… but actually this is terribly disruptive as we are in the process of leveling up our alpha to an appropriate challenge for our clan of strong players, and if we have zombie alphas siphoning away our battle energy until they escape, we won’t get to the stronger alphas we need.

Please take note and address this! Also please consider some compensatory energy for our clan in case we are not able to take down 2 alphas in one alpha period and then turn around to get the next one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The picture posted of the Alpha, is the second one to appear.

Hiiiii - Leader of Valhalla Berserkers


Happened for my clan as well, except the one that appeared only had 51 minutes left on it. Which is about how much time had been left on the alpha I’d just defeated.

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Same happened to the Viking Penguins clan. Defeated Alpha then another popped immediately with an 8hr timescale on it for a 140,000 alpha which we are not yet defeating with a full 24hrs

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This is noted and shared with our developers!

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It actually has been reported before, but… it is indeed unusual.