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Alpha difficulty is random?

I find this extremely hard to believe given that no clan has reported facing more than a 1*. It also makes 0 sense to have strong clans face weak alphas. They should grow in difficulty as they are defeated and lower when they are not defeated. Or they should be tied to clan strength

Not sure what in the above caused people to flag. I shared my conversation with support that added info about how the game works

They should simply be like Duty Chests. If you beat 1s Alpha - you could choose to fight 2s Alpha. If you beat 2s Alpha - you could choose to fight 3s Alpha. If you could not beat 3s Alpha - you could choose to keep fighting 2s Alpha.


Better than random. Better than all 1*

I think it should be something like defeat 3x current star then it goes up 1 star. If you can’t defeat the current star 3 times it drops down 1 star.


Anything is better than random. One person in clan thinks they mean a random alpha with an algorithm, which would make a lot more sense

We fought a 2 star today

Yesterday, my clan shadow wreckers, fought a 3* alpha bewilderbeest with 600k health. I assume that when you beat alphas of a certain level enough times, more difficult alphas appears.

Devs disagree and say it is random, despite not one single clan starting with a stronger than 1* alpha. In fact I dont believe any progressed (sorry randomly received) to 2* until facing 3 1*s

So apparently sharing what devs tell us is against the rules of the forum so I am reposting w/o the conversation
So my clan getting 1 1 1 2 2 3 is totally coincidental and we could have aanywhere from 1 to 10 star alpha today. Alphas are purely random and a weak clan could get clobbered and a strong clan could have one wealth enough for 1 member to kill.

This would.make chests very difficult to predict as you could get stuck with weak alphas and get low level chests due to this.

This also makes being in a strong clan not a goal. If alphas are random, string clans can be a waste and actually prevent you from getting more keys
On top of that, since alphas are random, the alpha chest levels are also based upon the same random making them unpredictable and less valuable over time than if alphas were based on anything.

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Can’t be random. In our Clan we’ve got first 1 star Alpha that wasn’t beaten. Then three 1-star Alphas beaten in a row. Then three 2-star Alphas beaten in a row. And now 3 star Alpha. So it was: 1 (lost) 1 1 1 2 2 2 3.


But alphas are random​:joy::joy::joy:
So random that I was able to accurately predict what level alpha we would face today


Im guessing if your clan fails to defeat the strong 900K alpha, the next alpha would be 600k or weaker.

darn, my current clan cannot beat the green 3* alpha in 22 hours yesterday, just 13K shy of the alpha HP…
now it’s back to red 3* alpha that we beat just 2 days before, maybe it’s design that way, when the clan cannot beat one alpha, the next day, yesteray’s alpha will show up again, and so on. or is it pure random, just the star is increasing slowly… who knows…

PS. i applied for shadow wreckers before, and there’s an error. also i cannot be invited there for the same error. is there a spot open now, i’d still; like to join, 4921 BP, LV35 here.

drop me a message or tell the clan leader to contact me if there’s an open spot

We have two openings in The Road South. Undefeated in Alphas so far, min team req is 3500