Alpha disappeared

Our alpha vanished without giving bonus keys after defeat. I thought this was fixed in this update?
Very frustrating to have this keep happening. Most alpha bugs that were present before update are still present. Seems the only alpha big fixed was the spirit on bewilderbeast.
Our clan is very upset and disappointed at yet another pile of keys lost. We have each missed out on hundreds of keys and multiple alpha chests due to disappearing alphas, let alone the loading bugs. Support giving a 1 time offer of clan energy is not sufficient @Ned

Hey Talisax, I’m sorry to hear that your Alpha disappeared, and I can understand your frustration.

If you could reach out to our support team here at with your support key and provide them with the date and time of when this happened, our team can investigate this further and try to make this right for you.

Thank you. I already contacted support in game. I dont even now how many times this has happened, but at least 5. I was hoping this was one of the alpha bugs being fixed in recent update

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Our team will definitely try their best to see what might be going on and help you.

Same thing happened to our 5 star this morning, vanished long before reset time and we couldn’t get keys.