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Alpha Energy & Other Suggestions

I would like to make a few suggestions for the game. :slight_smile: I sent these to the support chat, but figured I would post them here too for additional player input.

  1. For the Alpha energy, whenever it’s time for a recharge, if the app is open, it should automatically update instead of having to restart my app for it to register.

  2. Aside from spending runes on a pack of Alpha energy whenever the offer pops up, there should be a way for us to earn additional Alpha energy. Either have one of Snotlout’s duties randomly grant us 1 Alpha energy (max of 1 a day), a clan chest reward include 1 Alpha energy, or maybe even a Flight club chest has the chance to include one (this would be even more of an incentive for people to join the Flight Club).

  3. Some games have a daily reward wheel that you can spin once a day for bonuses. I think it would be neat to have one of those in the game, and the tile rewards could be: 2500-5000 fish, 2500-5000 coins (fish and coins stackable even if at max, like the chests do), 50-100 runes, 5 energy, 10 energy, 1-3 regular draft, 1 premium draft, and 1 Alpha energy. Of course there would be odds for landing on each tile, with the more desirable ones having lower odds (but not so low that it’s never attainable).

I feel that these would improve gameplay and make players want to keep playing daily.

@Ned and @Marcus


Hey emtotts, thanks for the detailed suggestions! If you have already reached out to our team, our team will be sure to pass along your idea once they get a chance to see your message. :smiley:

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