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Alpha energy timer issues

This morning I had an energy due 2 and a half minutes
before the Alpha left. When it counted down to zero I didnt receive my last strike. It wasn’t til a half hour after my next new Alpha that I was granted it and used it. The very next time I was due my strike I watched it count down to zero and was all ready to attack the big nemesis. Instead I didn’t get my energy again. An hour has gone by and it is still zero with no timer to tell me when I am due. This has never been an issue before so I’m curious as to what has happened. I need my energy to do my clan duty and contribute

Not saying this as any sort of excuse or anything, just out of legitimate curiosity; but was your game left running during this time?

As in, did you try closing the game entirely and restarting it to see if the energy would pop up? I’ve noticed more recently that if my clan’s chat hasn’t said anything in a while and I restart the game I’ll suddenly be bombarded with a ton of ‘missed’ messages. I don’t know if that might be somehow correlated to what is going on with your own lagging energy.

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I almost always have to restart my game to get my third bolt to show up if my game is already up when the alpha spawns. It did it this morning too when I knew I was due for a bolt. Timer was gone too so I restarted and it was there. Same issue with game chat sometimes.


Yes it was left running. I did close and restart and was rewarded an energy bolt for doing so. Thanks for the tip Mysterious

No problem! I’m glad that the workaround forced things to work properly.

It’s funny, I didn’t have that specific.problem before, or if I had I hadn’t outright noticed it, but it wasnt long after you brought it up that it happened to me too, just as you described. With the same things happening with @Mama_Fury too, I’m guessing it might be a common bug?

At least now we know how to force it to correct itself until it’s addressed!