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Alpha hidden immunities

Per support, alphas have immunities in addition to what is listed. They cannot take increased damage. I am asking them to release all immunities

Ah, immunities. One thing that never made sense on the Alphas. Like, why do they have so many?

Because they are the Alpha not a regular dragron lol

Yeah, well, they have immunity to everything!

But that can’t be right… Increased damage taken was always one of my primary tricks, and the effect is registered and trackable. Sure, spirit drain, anti heal, ability lock don’t work, but I’m quite positive that increased damage taken works. Just blew all my energy, so won’t be able to test it until the next Alpha.


I think most would agree with you and that was why I submitted a ticket then time it didn’t work.

They just admitted support was wrong g about random alphas, maybe they’ll admit support was wrong here too.

Maybe they will make sure those answering support queries have at least basic knowledge of game as I had to send a screenshot of fanghooks abilities to support per their request.


Support was never wrong about the randomness of alphas. They have colours too, not just star points. The colour of your next alpha will be random, not the star count.

Anyone who has fought more than 5 alphas will see a pretty obvious pattern. If the alpha is defeated, the next one will be one star level higher. If the Alpha escapes, the next one will be one star lower.

As for immunity, Alphas are immune to some effects but not all. Just click the little icon above their health bar to see.

So yeah, immune to steals, spirit delays or blocks, and heal prevents mostly. However, armour breaks still effect them.

Support said star level was random. I asked them 3 different ways to make sure it wasn’t a misunderstanding and they stood by this.

Now support told me alphas are immune to armor break. So I have problems trusting anything support says.

Talisax, I’m not sure why do you need to make such a fuss over it. I mean… The game just threw 4 different monetizations at us, it still has broken alphas that aren’t going to be fixed, the enemy spirit bug that I took great effort to report in a detailed video MONTHS ago - is still present, was probably happening since beta and will stay like that for the foreseeable future.

So… In the face of all that - do you really think they give a gronkle iron about some support? Look at the guys here, half of the time people are actually helping, the other half - they are sent straight to the mailbox. I don’t know what kind of support you have contacted, but if I understand correctly, it’s just a separate service called Helpshift, that’s basically like a global Indian customer support line, no offense intended. So their actual knowledge of the game could be very…limited.

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