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Alpha is broken

The loading at 0 bug has hit our clan hard. It was sporadic on the last alpha, but has hit our entire clan now. Some have been able to flee at 0 turns left and have damage count, but some have not. Obviously this will keep us from defeating this alpha and others if not fixed! @Marcus


same here

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Im pretty sure its the same bug we all see everyday. Yes, I wish they would fix it, but thats not new. Dont you think it just feels worse cause of your hard Alpha battle? Seem like the kill will be tuff

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I talked with another clan leader who have 6* alpha there clan members also getting this bug. So most probably related to 6*.
Previously it occurred occasionally but now it happened with everyone’s all attacks.

We have had it since the start of Alpha fights. Some days are worse then others, but I really dont think its more common cause of 6* Alphas. It means more for the clans cause of every hit matter, but im confident its the same bug.

But with the pace they are having with Bewilderbeast bug fix, I dont think this will help with your fight. But I understand its frustrating

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May be this bugged getting all over now. But now at 6* we don’t have options to defeat until it get fixed. May be your clan can defeat it without any problem. @FarmerJay

We will find out later, but im sure we will get the same bug, as we have all other days. I hope you guys can handle it aswell, but dont think they will make a quick fix. But I really do understand the frustration

Ludia never fix anything soon & this game is full of bugs. :bug::beetle::beetle::bug:

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I only experienced it once before, yesterday, now it is every hit. The glitch is getting worse

Hey Vikings,

This weird bug has resurfaced and our Developers are marking this as a priority along with connection issues when doing Alpha battles. We thank you for your patience!


Its not ‘resurfaced’. It have been here all along. Pretty sure that people just dont complain, when they still kill the Alpha.

But would be nice with some bug fixes, cause there are many. And the one with bewilderbeast, where you cant get spirit is one of the worst

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Our entire clan had it with yesterday’s alpha. I didnt have it at beginning of alpha, bit all flags this am. The new alpha has not had the glitch. Not sure what caused it to go crazy yesterday. Yesterday was also the 1st time I’ve ever experienced it

Continuing the discussion from Alpha is broken:

Hoping another complaint will help bring attention to this issue.

So I’ve complained in game twice now…first time they gave me all these “solutions” and gave me 3 energy back. After doing all their “solutions” I managed to have the bug on 1 of the attempts with those 3 energy.

I make sure nothing is running in the backround and restart my phone before my attempts and today of my 6 attempts, I lost 4 of them. My husband is also having this issue. This is getting old. And no, it’s not the 6 star thing because our clan is on 3 and 4 stars. Only a few clan members have complained of the bug but I think it’s because almost none of them read chat.

Please fix this. All your solutions seem to imply it’s on our end but it’s obviously not. I play several other games on my phone and none of them hang up like this on the same thing. Yeah, occasionally a game will hang up, but it’s rare and it’s not like it’s always when I’m doing the same thing. If the Alpha Battle is bugged this badly, in my opinion, they should be shut down until this bug is figured out. Obviously it is a major one.

I’ve lost at least 6 attacks to the loading bug since the Alphas were released. Most recently I’ve gone through all of the suggested fixes and still had 2 loading bugs still.

I like the Alphas, I like the game in general. This bug is frustrating. This bug also is new since the Alphas. This bug is also clearly a game side issue, nothing to do with mky phone or connection.

I got hit with this bug twice this morning

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Not entirely relevant, but didn’t want to make a thread about it - Screaming Death is bugged too.
If you move any tile near the bomb - you’ll waste your turn, nothing will happen. If you replace the bomb with another tile - it your turn will sort of happen the next turn. I’m not sure if counted as wasted, but it definitely happened like “after” the Alpha attacked, and not before.

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I’m glad I’m not alone with this problem. The rest of my clan doesn’t think it’s a real problem, but I’m losing thousands of alpha damage due to the infinite loading issue. At first it was probably just my internet connection, until I made sure I was using data instead of wifi.

We had a yellow 5 star Alpha yesterday/this morning. At least 4 people in my clan reported the same error this morning. At the end of the round when the number of turns reaches zero, the game says it’s trying to reconnect but never does. I put in a support ticket after this happened. It basically mucked up all of my turns this morning. Some points eventually showed updated before the Alpha escaped, but I’ve received no communication from support. Very frustrating.

Takes a few days. 1stvtime support gave me 3 clan energy. 2nd time they eher was nothing they could do, despite me using my rewarded clan energy on it and support giving clan energy to other clan members.

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The one time 3 clan energy for broken alphas Is not acceptable. I have lost hundreds of keys due to this from the disappearing alphas to the lack of conserving energy due to unexpected 0s from bugged hits. A one time extra 3 hits is not compensation for this. Especially when those 3 hits are used and the alpha again disappears without victory or defeat.
Maybe alphas should be pulled until they are working