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Alpha keeps glitching on me!

Almost 50% of the time I get this glitch where at the end of a fight with an alpha it freezes and it doesn’t register my damage I dealt!
Also another glitch is where the tiles get all messed up and I can no longer connect three to get rid of them.
I will post pics below.
Please help!

Please read forums before posting
Scheduled for fix in next update

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I’m sorry that happened Jaydemarsh96. :sweat: Our team is aware of these issues, and they’re working on a fix for them.

Thank you for your reply, it’s just frustrating when you only have one energy every 4 hours and this happens :-/ hopefully they will be able to fix it soon.

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What else can people do? The forums are dead, and what’s not dead is being policed to hell and back, because what’s the point of negative feedback, amrite? People don’t come here to discuss things, people come here to complain and plop a sack of BP for recruitment. So let people complain! Beats Jay’s progressing disorder.

Make some memes, be creative.

A song of ice and bugger.
One loading screen a day keeps the doctor on pay(roll).
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100 runes say this post doesn’t make it through. But I’m done on the toilet anyway.

Happens 50% of the time for me too, ive probably lost about 50 battles worth of damages since its been happening for over a month with no fix. gets kinda frustrating when its been happening for over a month with no updates other than “we’re aware of the problem”