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Alpha Last Turn Damage

I’ve always wondered (and some clan mates were discussing it just a bit ago) during an alpha battle when you use your last turn and say 3 of your dragon’s abilities charge up, if you fire them off before the “battle over” pop up, does that damage count?

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I’ve also had this question (weeks ago) and tested it when this happened. I fired off the dragons abilities and then checked the alpha by tapping and holding. I could then see the hp the alpha was supposed to have and it showed it as being a few 1000 dmg lower than what his hp was at the battle end screen.

Basically, confirming my suspicion that the ability dmg done in your last turn doesn’t count (which in my eyes is really weird)

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It‘s because of the order of activities in turns. You can use abilities only at the start of your turn and make a match afterwards. So if you make a match and get abilities going, you could use them at the start of the turn after the one you just made. That leads to not being able to use abilities that you activated with your last match in Alpha battles.