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Alpha Loading Problems

i’m just stuck at loading at 3/5. iv’e checked, and it isn’t a problem with internet. any help?
(Running BlueStacks for Titan Uprising)

A gentle reminder that using 3rd party programs to play the game violates our ToS and means you can’t get support.


Im having trouble with incubators everytime i win a rare 12hr incubator they give me a 15 min incubator… not just once but more than 5 times.


That problem usually resolves itself if you restart. Still annoying when it happens, but not something you can’t come over.

Also, what is BlueStacks?

Man, I know dragons and dinos are distant relatives, however the two games have their own threads.

Jajaja yeah… sorry… my bad

Don’t worry over it, just repost in the dino’s part of ludia forums. Because we have no clue about the game specifics around here.

Thanks guys.
bluestackes is a game manager… and titan uprising wont work for me without bluestacks. so… how do i download titan uprising without it? when i go to download it, it says i have to download bluestacks…

And… I also recommend Never to use BlueStacks. it’s very laggy and it’s messed up.
Yeah, sure it’s got some cool stuff, but it’s not worth it. :expressionless:

Okay, I don’t know how to help you with that though. I had thought there would be legit pc versions to download, now I learn they’re not so. Uhh, perhaps you should contact them about the issues that prevent you from using it from Android so that you can use it the legit way.

Alright. Thanks! :slight_smile: i’ll try that.

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Blue stacks emulates Android 7 aka Android N. If titan uprising supports Android N then it shouldn’t even be seen as a 3rd party program, it is Android and bluestacks is essentially the “phone” it’s running on.

Old thread, necro-posting.