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Alpha Screaming Death: reason for not exploding bombs

I know that the topic is old, but I never saw people sharing theories about why bombs are not exploding although brought to the top while fighting the Screaming Death Alpha. My theory is that a bomb will go buggy as soon as you match tiles with it. I attached some screenshots of my recording of the last battle to give some evidence.

Start of turn 8:

I discovered a way to bring both bombs to the top but have to match with a bomb tile to do so:

Matching seems to work:

The bomb not used for matching explodes:

The other one remains:

Note: I tried to use the whole-column-special-tile afterwards to make the bomb explode, didn’t work.

My question is if it’s maybe not intended to be able to match with a bomb tile and therefore the bug appears?


I just hope they fix this. Btw, stop showing off your amazing rng boards :sweat_smile:


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Partially correct. It is only when you swap with the tile in the top row. Swapping other times is fine.

The other problem is stacked bombs. The 2nd doesn’t explode after the top as the top one is replaced by the original tile and thus the 2nd doesn’t slide up

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Alright, I haven‘t investigated that far!

I‘m pretty sure that the behavior of double bombs is intended even though they‘re tough, but I‘m not sure about the swiped Bomb that doesn‘t explode and is stuck afterwards (even use of special tile won‘t make it explode), I‘d guess it‘s a bug as well as @Yohomie does.

Maybe @Ned or @Marcus could confirm that and there will be a fix within the next weeks? I understand that this bug doesn‘t have a high priority, but it‘s very annoying and often causing a loss of team members, therefore less damage on the Alpha and some battles will be lost / were lost because of that missing damage.


Fix us doubtful, we’ve been complaining about thus for months

Hey Bee, our team is aware of this issue, and they are working on a solution.