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Alpha should respawning every 23hrs


Instead of 24. Changinsg an hour per day allows all clan members to have a good time for spawn and bad times. As it is now at 24hrs you may never have a good time


Good idea, but I would much prefer 25 hours then 23 :wink:


I say 23 as 25 is 2hrs longer and you’re going that much longer w/o an alpha to kill. Over time that less keys and chests


Agreed. That or clan leaders should have control over it. So long as you still only get one alpha per 24 hours I don’t see why every alpha in the game has to spawn at the same time.

I created a clan with my daughter and she was very excited to try out the new Alpha battles, we were both extremely disappointed this morning to find that it was both already dead and respawning at 3am (our time) again.

The alphas will apparently get harder the more you defeat them but considering apparently some clans defeated theirs in a few minutes, we may have a hell of a long wait for it to get powerful enough to live for 6-8 hours so I can get even a single shot at it. Overall just seems extremely poorly thought out.