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Alpha Spawn

I just started a new clan of my own and I am the only current member. The problem though, is there is no timer for when the next alpha will appear. Is it because I am the only member of my clan?

Hey VikingDragon_01, could you take a screenshot of your Alpha tab in the game and send it over to our support team at Please include your support key in the email as well. Thanks!

Thank you, but it turns out the problem fixed itself. A couple of hours after I made this post the Alpha popped up for me. Thank you though for responding and trying to help. A lot of other support teams aren’t this on top of actually responding, so I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear that the issue resolved itself! :smiley:

When you defeat an Alpha before its expiry, you get to wait until the worldwide spawn before you get Alpha again. Timer in-game says how much you have to wait but… Some times timers get a bit stuck. If you know when Alphas are supposed to spawn and expire on your time, you’d be able to schedule yourself regardless of minor issues like these (though timers shouldn’t glitch). If the refill energy timer glitches though, that’ll affect your gameplay for real.