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Alpha Territory recruiting new members

Hello everybody! :smiley:

Alpha Territory is looking for new, ambitious members Level 15 and Up that will stay active every day! Our goal is to improve and grow as an alliance in every aspect of the game. We are looking for members that will contribute to Alliance Missions, DNA Donations and most importantly participate in the Championships and play every tournament to kill 10 dinosaurs at least.

Currently, we have 27 very active members, we reach Incubator Ranks 7 or 8 minimum in the Alliance Missions, and minimum Tier 5 Incubator in the Alliance Championships. We are friendly, we communicate in English and we use Discord to chat and coordinate Raids. We (Co-leader MJ996 and I) are tracking everyone’s progress and we are kicking out members that do not participate in every aspect of the game!

If you are interested, you can send a request to join or you can contact me on Discord. My username on Discord is NS996 #6713

Looking forward to meeting you! :smiley:

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