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Alpha turns get eaten up

I‘ve finally managed to take pictures of that issue: As soon as the Alpha (this time Bewilderbeast) uses its special ability it uses one of my turns. Is that intended? You have to break ice / vines / let bombs explode / dispel gas in addition to losing one turn to the Alpha?
Pictures below show:


Thanks for the screenshots, @Bee. I’ve sent them over to our team.

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Thanks Ned! I‘m happy it‘s a bug and not intended!

I’ve had this happen so often that I never knew if it was intended or not! Honestly I thought that I was just not paying close enough attention. I’m glad you brought it up. Thank you!


@Ned Will it be fixed anytime? This issue is long existing and never even mentioned for bug fixes. Me and my clan mates are losing a lot of damage if we can‘t stun the Alpha all the time. It‘s a problem especially with Foreverwing, the vines are growing so fast, blocking the whole board and we are losing up to 1/4 of our turns to the Alpha … Usually my board is rearranged when battle is over because Alpha ate at least 4 of my turns that I should have been able to make after my board was freed of vines.


Hey Bee, sadly we don’t have any new information from our team yet, but rest assured that they have been notified and they are looking into it. We’ll be sure to let everyone as soon as we can once we get an update.


I usually lose the last move to the Alphas. Sometimes firing a dragon from my side, sometimes the Alpha firing at my dragons.

20 moves become 19 that way. Regularly.

(Not counting the time a red Alpha took 4 of my moves here.)

Issue’s still existing of course. 1 month later.

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