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"Alpha Winners" 3.5k minimum team recruiting

We have 5 spots open for people to join.
We are not a ‘hardcore’ you must do this and that team, we just want to progress through the alphas

So 2 rules 3.5 k minimum team to join & you must stay active.
We just cleared 5 spaces as the 5 people hadn’t attacked an alpha in 4 alphas.
We are not unreasonable and understand people have commitments so if you can’t attack for a holiday or whatever just let us know and we’ll keep your spot open.

BTW we are on 5* Alphas currently

With a couple of great new recruits we now only have 1 space left, level 5 alphas are currently being battled 3.5k team is a minimum. And just be active.


I am semi-new to the game with a 3k point team and would like to start earning 3+ star dragons. I can play 6+ alpha battles a day and play daily. I know I am under the required team level but hope I can make up for it in activity.

If acceptable please send an invite to: PayneCakes#1501
I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

Hi, sorry we are currently full but we do remove players every 3-5 days who are inactive, if a space becomes available ill message you

Sounds great, thank you very much! :slight_smile: