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"Alpha Winners" - 6* Alphas Recruiting

Currently 2 spots open for people to join.
We are not a ‘hardcore’ you must do this and that team, we just want to progress through the alphas

So 2 rules 4 k minimum team to join & you must stay active. If you are close we are willing to give tryouts.

We just cleared 2 spaces because no alpha attacks in 4 alphas. 3 more may come soon with low activity.

We are not unreasonable and understand people have commitments so if you can’t attack for a holiday or whatever just let us know and we’ll keep your spot open.

BTW we are on 6* Alphas currently

I can join! I’m just in a different clan at the moment. My team has a little over 4,600. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll leave my current clan (which is only at 3 star Alphas as everyone is inactive as heck), and send my ID code!

Yes mate, you sound perfect, the team points aren’t as important as people being active to us, what’s your name /# and I’ll keep an eye out or send u an invite

Okay awesome!! My name is DJNinja180 number is #0193 :smiley:

It comes up player not found, try adding yourself “Alpha Winners”

Did it. Should be there.

I’m guessing it’s because you’re in a clan, let me know when u try join and I’ll accept, we have 1 slot open currently

Player not found happens if the player has numbers in their name. It has been reported several times.

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