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"Alpha Winners" recruiting *active players for 8*Alphas

Currently 2 spots open for people to join due to 3 days of inactivity.

We are not a ‘hardcore’ you must do this and that team, we just want to progress through the alphas

So 2 rules 5k minimum team to join & you must stay active. If you are close we are willing to give tryouts.

We are looking to step up, currently 7s are easy but 8s are just out of reach so we want active players preferably able to do 100k+ but active players are always welcome

We are a friendly clan and share tactics etc with each other so everyone progresses. BUT as we are now on 8* Alphas we need to make sure people are active so not to waste opportunities.

We just cleared 2 spaces because no alpha attacks in 3 alphas.

We are not unreasonable and understand people have commitments so if you can’t attack for a holiday or whatever just let us know and we’ll keep your spot open.

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Guten Abend, Anfrage an das Familienoberhaupt in Game ist raus. EricElias, meins Sohn u. Ich spielen seit drei Tagen als Team u. d. Game ist Gold wert u. wird aktiv von uns gespielt. Er ist 4, ich noch 41, wir wohnen in Essen (D) u. würden Eurer Fam. gern beitreten. l.g. Rico

Hallo Rico,

Unsere Voraussetzungen sind mindestens 5000 Teamstärke und aktiv bleiben. Wir bekämpfen 8* Alphas und mit weniger Teamstärke habt ihr leider keine Chance.