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"Alpha Winners" - Recruiting ACTIVE players

Currently 3 spots open for people to join due to 3 days of inactivity.

We are not a ‘hardcore’ you must do this and that team, we just want to progress through the alphas

So 2 rules 4 k minimum team to join & you must stay active. If you are close we are willing to give tryouts.

We just cleared 3 spaces because no alpha attacks in 3 alphas.

We are not unreasonable and understand people have commitments so if you can’t attack for a holiday or whatever just let us know and we’ll keep your spot open.

BTW we are on 6* Alphas currently

Got space for 1more I’m quite new but will be very active but only at about 3000 at the moment

Send a request so we can check out ur teams potential and I’ll put it to the vote

OK iv sent the request

Try again, hasn’t come through, well give you a trial