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'Alpha Winners' recruiting

We have been hit hard by Covid19 and inactivity from a number of long standing team mates, we have not wanted to clear out members until after the pandemic but it is becoming clear that some may not be coming back, so it is with.a heavy heart that I say we have 10 spaces because of inactivity.

Before the pandemic we were fighting 9-10 s now we are drifted back to 7 so if you want easy fights to gain chest points then join us and help us get back to our glory days.

Our top 10 players are between 6-8k teams and as such would like to recruit as near to that as possible but we are willing to give people a fair chance to prove themselves while we recruit or players become active again.

If you want to join let me know ur team scores and we’ll go from there, cheers

My group is looking for a active clan to join. The virus caused our full clan to drop to half. And I feel we are stagnate and need to move on to a clan that is pushing forward.
My team is 6189
My husband’s team is 5967
My friend’s is 5519
And a 4th is 4687
Myself, my husband and the 5K friend fight all alpha energy, while the 4K friend is usually able to get to 4 energies. (Though I think he can be better motivated with a active clan.)
Please let me know of your decision ^.^ thank you.

Hi Melissa,
You guys sound perfect for our team, we had a similar issue with out team, never sure if people would return or even could so we have decided to replenish our ranks. If you let me know your names (PM if easier) and then join the team, we can get you started.
Team is called
“Alpha Winners”
Looking forward to seeing you guys in action