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Did the timing of the aplha battles change? It used to be every 4-12 hours. But now we are on a 24 hr cycle. Some ppl in the clan are having trouble syncing.

If you mean the regeneration of energy then in a way yes it changed. Every 4 hours you will still gain 1 alpha energy, but from this patch onwards the alpha energy is refreshed when a new alpha spawns.

Alphas have always spawned once every 24 hours, each one lives for 22 hours of undefeated. If defeated early you had to wait for the next one - 4pm GMT.if yours was different you were special!

Continuing the discussion from Alpha:

No. A new alpha appears (spawns) every 24 hours with 1 bolt of energy every 4 hours.
It seems very different from a week ago, when an alpha would appear every 12 houra

Alpha always should appear in a 24 hour cycle, if it was different for your clan, it was a glitch.

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Our alphas have always come at 24 hours, they love for 22 if you don’t defeat them. But you should now be getting a full 3 energy every time a new alpha spawns.