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Alphas are not random

Now that we have had alphas for quite a while and we see how they increase and decrease in difficulty based on defeat or escape. We can see that in no way are alpha levels random.
I wonder is Ludia still standing by their statement that alpha star levels are random?

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Hey Talisax, the more Alphas you defeat, the more difficult they will become. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for finally admitting that they are not random as your support team claims

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I will find out how the Alpha’s star work very soon


@powerso And then… are you going to share your findings?

They probably mean the type/color is random not the level.
If you can link me to where they said levels are random i’d appreciate it but i’ve never seen them stating that.

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It’s very simple, each star level has 2 alphas you have to defeat consecutively to advance to the next.

If you lose a fight you drop to the previous one, so for example: If you beat a 4* but fail on the second your third alpha will still be a 4* and if you fail again then you’ll drop to a 3*. Alternatively, if you beat 2 4* alphas in a row your third will be a 5*.

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I posted a screenshot of my conversation with support saying this, but posting of support conversations is against forum rules so they took it down. The pic is on discord

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Not exactly, it is not that linear. I am sure there is an algorithm involved

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It’s depend. If I share I wont share it here. I will share it in the game discord.

It right for most of the time but not all. If you start record your killed and escaped Alpha you will find that is incorrect. Sorry I cant show you my clan data

I did share when I find out how the Clan Alpha point and individual Alpha point work. Yeah it is definitely depend, I’m not sure what I will find. If somehow I know how to manipulate it. I wont share but if it just random I will share xD

Okay, you have me confused. Did you find out or did you not, did you share on Discord or did you not? Or will you decide whether you will or not in the future? Your words are unclear.

Sorry, I’m not good at English.
I didn’t find out how the Alpha’s star work yet.
70% I will share. 30% I wont share it.
It is depend on what I find. And my clan member want to share it or not

Oh, mind throwing a link to where you deciphered the Alpha Points? Not that I need it, but, you know, the truth is always out there…

Okay… Thanks for clarifying… That’s all I asked.