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Alphas are overturned

The Alphas are severally overturned. Before they were challenging yet fun. Now they are purely frustrating beyond measure.

The fact that your entire team gets wiped out if you don’t destroy every thorn, ice, bomb, whatever, is ludicrous. I could understand it if not a single obstacle was destroyed, but leaving just one up should not take out your entire team.

Not to mention you only have one turn to clear the board, that is next to impossible.

These Alphas seriously need some fine tuning.


They can do serious damage, but if you get it right you can do huge damage to them. My damage has more than doubled.

Double the damage doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t survive, which is what I’m talking about. I’m lucky if I can use all my turns. Other times I go out between 14 to 5 turns left because the tiles don’t line up for me and I’m taken out by the Alpha in two hits. And it seems to me at least, there are less stun colors available than before the patch making it harder to stun the Alpha. Or I’m just extremely unlucky.


Not very well balanced at all. Especially for the clans battling 10*. It is killed several hours into spawn. Several members don’t even have a chance to hit. Lol yet one of those attacks hits and our whole team is wiped. Horrible balancing. Hope they will fix soon. Somewhere between where alphas are now and before would be great.


I also agree. It feels terrible if you can’t clear the damage causing things because the board just isn’t cooperating. And for some abilities (like the ice) it seems like we get very little time to take care of it. I’ve learned to play strategically, but sometimes I am just staring at the board for minutes trying to figure out if there’s anything I can do to no avail. And yeah, it doesn’t seem right that leaving one ballista up or one ice column up or getting the bomb almost to the top can decimate most of or all of your team. It’s definitely not forgiving. I’d personally rather the damage to the alphas be dialed down if that means the damage to you is also dialed down and that you are less likely to get an atrocious score if the board isn’t in your favor. Like digitalpickles said, the alphas should be tweaked to be somewhere between where they are now and what they were before. I think things are just overtuned now and it isn’t fun. I know our clan has lost people due to this issue (in addition to the bugs).

Yeah, to avoid getting wiped out now I need to take flank tanker, the only team healer I now have, and skyglow. It’s a shame it’s spirit speed is slow so I would waste some spirit to ensure it can work at the right time. Maybe a frostfang or a blistering belcher or a sapling can better serve the position. It won’t work unless I nearly always hold the ability and only use it when needed or only use when there’s one dragon eye lens that can refill the dragon’s ability immediately. But to better ensure survival, I would hit the alpha a lot less hard. So I am not so sure whether I make the team more defensive or invasive.
Nothing would work if the board is really terrible.