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Alphas reset in clans; throwing us against 6-7 Star Alphas

My clan was working on 3-4 star alphas, but something wigged out, deleted our past Alphas and set us to fighting 7 star dragons. We dont have enough people to actually take down such big dragons, so for the last 3, soon to be 4 days we’ve struggled and cant get kill credits for the kill an alpha duty. I was hoping to get support involved but when i texted them through the client support function I got no response

I’m sorry that happened to your Clan’s Alpha, Akoia. If you had already reached out to our support team, they’ll get back to you ASAP once they see your message.

That was on Sunday. It’s now Wednesday and no response. I’ve lost clan members to this issue.

Unfortunately, support has been under what seems to be an endless deluge of tickets for…quite a while. A few updates, I think. They’re trying to get to everyone as quickly and efficiently as they can, but because of this, their response time has taken a bit of a hit, and, in this specific scenario, they’re probably not going to be able to do as much as one would hope they could.

Something similar happened with my own clan a month or so ago, only it was more along the lines of everything was reset. Alphas were kicked to 2-3*, everyone’s points were set back to 0, etc. Support wasn’t able to do much except apologize for the inconvenience and offer some Alpha keys to those that cared enough to complain to them about it. And even then, I’m hearing tale that that’s a shallow well that’s running dry.

It’s just a guess, but it might be because these things are happening so often that they’re getting too many tickets on the matter and they need to move on to other issues. As much as they want to help, they can’t spend all of their already limited time just giving out compensation for one problem (which, I mean, you would think would be a pretty big flag in and of itself, but I’m not involved, so I don’t know if they haven’t already shoved it way up on the priority list or not). It sucks, it’s frustrating, it’s unfair to those newer that are only just coming upon these problems, but at the same time, there’s only so much that they can do. They have to pick their battles.

TL;DR: Support may take a bit to get back to you, and I’m sorry for the delay and what it has cost your clan. I know good clan members are a painful loss. Please try to bear with them during this time, and avoid submitting another ticket, as that will only end up delaying your response even further.

If there hasn’t been a response by this Friday, or even Saturday at latest, feel free to direct message @Ned, telling him your situation and how you’d like to make sure your ticket was received and not lost among the swells. Please be sure to include your support key! :+1: Hope it all works out soon!

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