Alphas reset to 1 star?

Since the update, all of our clan battle history has been wiped, and we’re now facing 1-star Alphas when we were previously playing 6 or 7-star alphas. A 1-star Alpha is defeated in one battle, leaving no chance for anyone else in the clan to win keys or complete chest duties. It’s so hard to find consistently active players and this will set us really far back with people abandoning the game.


My clan is having the exact same issue. At first i. Thought another hacker had found its way into my clan but it must be the game if others are experiencing the same thing


Ludia, you have to do something ASAP and fix this issue.
We are scared to recruit players after Alpha spawn cause last time recruited player brought lower * Alpha with him (we were facing 10* Alphas).

This is not normal, and it kills the game.
@Ned please forward this to Devs, and if needed I can send some videos of the problem.


Our clan has same issue. If you aren’t there as alpha spawns you don’t get any hits in and no keys etc. we were on 9* and 10*. Not right that we are now back to 1* (made it up to 3* by now). Come on Ludia. No one is answering my email either


The game is an absolute mess at the moment! You can’t accept people in the clan bc they might bring alphas from their previous clan and mess up the whole alpha history in the clan! Please fix this asap! The game is unplayable! As clanleader you have to be scared to accept new people in the clan!
Please don’t ask for support key of the members who are experiencing this bc it happens everywhere. This has nothing to do with certain persons but with the clan system in general!


Hey, Goran_Belobrajdic. I’m really sorry to hear that this is happening. Please rest assured that our team is currently investigating this! :mag:


Same problem here, battling 9 to 10 star alphas, overnight down to 1 star. Please fix soon. I hope we will be put back to our regular difficulty level on the alphas.


@Ned problem fixed with this maintenance or still have to wait?

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Hey Goran_Belobrajdic, I believe our team is still working on a solution for this issue.

If your clan’s Alpha had reset after the maintenance, please send an email to our support team at with your support key.

Thank you.

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