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Already terrible now even more terrible

People who make the tier lists do you mind putting indoraptor in the lowest tier possible because it now actually feels like a higher attack common because it can’t do anything against shields anymore and that was the only good thing it had


I really don’t understand why the shieldbreaker attack was removed.


It would totally have been fine to leave its moveset as it was. Now that practically all tanks are anti-evasion, it’s probably not going to do very well.

Because Indo is now a cunning dino, countering fierce but being countered by resilient

It’s only chance is if stuff like Thor, Allosino and Tryo remain common in the arena. Maybe even Tyrannolophosaur and Dracoceratops.
Because if they aren’t, then there’s nothing left for it to counter.

Before the update, using him against chompers was risky. All depending on ES luck. Now he has distraction, and with ES+Cunning Strike he can basically do what CS does. And he still has APR, meaning, unlike Indo G2, he can still do well against nonshielded tanks.

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I don’t want to judge yet. We’re going to see after 2.0 goes live


Yeah. Maybe it could be used as a Revenge-killer or something.

It’s just that the resilient creatures seem to vastly outnumber all the others. There’s hardly any Fierce dinos in the higher arenas at all.

Indo gen 1 should be a half fierce and half cunning in my opinion.

If it was, it wouldn’t be the only one. Alloraptor is already like that.

Ehhh Indoraptor was still high apex imo, now it deserves mid… but we still haven’t got 2.0, so let’s not be quick to judge.

I know but it’s changing from what it is very good at to a completely different role. The nature of the beast changed and now it’s not as useful.

As 50% other changed dinos

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Agreed. Its going to shake up everything for everyone.