Already? Wow

I just opened the game. Its a little past seven and already the supply drops look more Christmas themed.

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Always something to complain about huh? :wink:

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I am not sure … I have opened few but …hm… what is the difference with the normal, orange ones… ?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Just a visual thing as far as I can tell

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Is this part of the new “gifts/gift boxes”?

These are just pretties. Gift boxes should be loaded soon–I assume at 9 CST.

These are just standard supply drops, but with bows. Gifts are coming later I guess. But I really like it, makes me feel more festive.


This is what was missing from the Halloween event small visual updates… just to make the event feel more like an event.


Just down the road - off to open it!!!

I’m seeing a green one but can’t go out and get it right now! Sob sob sob :tired_face: :sob:

All green for me and they all disappeared when I opened one; 2500 coins - which is strange as I thought green was cash … Alliance members are only seeing green ones as well.

U got to run to get it once u spot any of those green ones. This one vanished in minutes … I missed it

Don’t think they are working as intented. Think the other two are in the green ones as well since we all only see green… but you are right supposed to be cash

Hmm I havent seen any gift boxes at all. Are they timezone sensitive or something? I’ve been on for hours this morn and nothing but the supply drops have changed.

Still looking, no gift boxes have spawned for me at all.

Doesnt surprise me though, game is broke AF.

Have you updated the game - mine did an update before the boxes appeared

Alliance members reporting green boxes everywhere and 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 coins when opened - no incubator prizes as yet

Isn’t that one just an event dino supply drop?

Not complaining. I was just confused that they changed so quickly. It wasn’t even time foe the holiday decorations yet.