Already? Wow

I’m guessing thay its random what you get out of it.

Feels abit like xmas indeed.


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you dont get pixels this Christmas youve been naughty

I got a rare incubator :fire::crazy_face:

Two gift boxes outside work tonight went I left. Nothing great but I did get 10K in coins from one.

Actually yes. Now that I’ve seen the Christmas decorations for the game, they really Should’ve done some decorations for Halloween in the game. They had pumpkins in the Halloween scents so they could be put pumpkins or skulls on the supply drops, or make the green even drops black. Oh well, maybe they’ll do something next year :wink:

Apparently so, I never did find a gift box yesterday, amd still havent seen any on the map.

I must have kicked a puppy in a past life or something.

No, I´m peruvian