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Alright can someone explain

In what world is Indoraptor a raid dinosaur? Skoona exists. Pouka exists… There are loads of dinosaurs more qualified then Indoraptor. Screenshot_20210325-132200_JW Alive Screenshot_20210325-132209_JW Alive

Ya need to play yer game Ludia.


Yeah, not exactly sure why ludia put indo, a pvp dino, in a raid inc, as well as tryko, everything else can be a viable raid dino but those two, nope. I’ve seen and heard of some indo strats but its still practically useless in raids, I think

tryko is actually kind of useful in some raids. not as much as dio but it can work.
indo i have no clue unless they litterally mean raid dino as it is a raid boss.


Why is Monolorhino a raid dino?

If that was the case then why not Daryx and Nemys?

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I’ve seen a few strats using rhino, and I’ve seen rhino works well in some raids like daryx


Probably because it has the taunting shields. Same with why Tyrko is probably in there since it has a taunt.

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idk. could be that indo is more popular and they only wanted 10 dinos in the list so indo go the spot.

I still think Poukandactylus and Skoonasaurus are more worthy of being “raid dinos”, but I see your point. Plus, I would probably want to get Monolorhino the most out of those three anyway.


Indoraptor can work in a few Mortem strats, like one I made, just need some RNG help. Indoraptor, phorosaura(1700 attack), Erlikospyx(2500 attack or just a little lower), and tenrex. But I agree, Skoonasaurus and Poukandactylus should’ve been there. But Indoraptor is better…

Maybe they went with the ten most used unique dinos for raids based on their internal stats. Lots of people have indoraptor (more than Pouka and Skoona), and it can be used in some strategies, so it made the cut.


everything is viable except for indo and rhino, maybe erlidom in mortem and idk for the second one. i think they were just putting in random dinos at that point

Rhino is viable in some raids like daryx with its shields and such

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Maybe they meant Indo Gen 2, but realized it’s a Unique only incubator so just decided to switch it over to G1 instead of removing it entirely?

oh, ok. i didnt realise it was a raid dino, i was just thinking of apex raids

How about can someone explain to me how they justify 100 unique DNA and 45K coins for 15,000 hc??? That’s $140. Please tell me there’s way more to this incubator than that.