Alright, I need some advice


Climbed up to almost 3800 trophies, then today lost 10 battles in a row, ouch right?

What would you guys do with my team? I was really hoping on hitting at least 4k, but seeing that as unreachable now before tournament end :disappointed_relieved:


Leveling your Stegodeus (seriously, he kills everything)

Not recommened Utahsinoraptor (if he is still L16-17) his HP and damage too low to survive 3 hits, especially when facing with Tankgods which 100% your opponents above 40xx have them


your team actually looks quite nice and similar to mine. yo can consider gorgosuchus instead of trex since gorgo deals more damage, can heal, has a little less health but makes up with healing and speed. tany is an ok dino but 18 level megalo,veloci or even ankylocodon can do better than it. if you can create them, monostegotops and pyrritor are really good


swap rex for gorgosuchus


70k coins to level Stego right now, lol :disappointed_relieved:

Ya, I’ve only had the Utahsinorapter on the team just to try it out and have since removed it.


If I could find any mono dna around, that would be great!


Yup, did that as well.


Trying to pass 4k before tournament ends here is my team btw


This is what it looks like now


much better imo. if you ever feel the need of a raptor go for utasino leveling it up