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Alright That’s Enough Now. Stop With The “Sanctuary Exclusives”

Ludia, I am so sick of you making everything exclusive to events!

It started off as blue being an event. That’s fine, then dsungeripterus and diplodocus, meh. Then scolo, which had a Hybrid right away. Then you did brontotherium. This is getting a bit excessive I thought… Then you made allosaurus Gen2 and Nasutoceratops events only. I got mad cus I couldn’t play that weekend, but I wasn’t on forums at the time. Then what’s this? MEGALOCEROS TOO? I swear if mammoth is event only too, I’ll be annoyed. I’m ok with one or two exclusives, but we have way too many! And they all have hybrids now, making it unfair to new players. Maybe if you don’t want them to spawn, do them in incubators as a rare chance? Stop making everything new thing a sanctuary exclusive.

Blue = They make sense to be event. But L4 kind of sucks, we don’t have a raptor. Give us blue and our area is now better.

Dsungaripterus = Well dsungaia would be easy to get without it. It could be a incubator exclusive?

Diplodocus = make it a Park spawn

Scolosaurus = Park spawn too

Brontotherium = Maybe make them a incubator exclusive.

Nasutoceratops = Incubator Or Park spawn?

Allosaurus Gen2 = alright, allog1 is Common, the least thing you could do is make this incubator or park…

Megaloceros = Parks, or maybe L4.

If you don’t wanna do this, we could maybe have them spawn through scents? Either way, stop locking everything behind events. It’s unfair on new players. And on solo players!


But why do you want all area spawns to be in local 4? L4 isn’t even that bad. Local 3 is the one that needs improvement. So happy that I’m in L1, not L3.


I only put blue in L4. Trust me. L4 is nothing but Suchomimus and parasaur.

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Go explore more in your area if you see nothing but that garbage. Epics aren’t supposed to be a cakewalk to find anyway. You’d have Kentrosaurus, Gryposuchus and Ouranosaurus. All of them lead to great uniques, while L3 has nothing but garbage. The only creature I can see as somewhat useful in area 3 is Monolophosaurus.

Wait I thought you guys had erlikosaurus?

No, area 2 was the Erlikosaurus one.

Please stop with the Park Spawns. No more Park Spawns.


Doesn’t L3 have Argentino AND Secodonto for Ardentismaxima? Also, Dilophosaurus and Dimetrodon useful for Magnapyritor.
Most of the stuff that’s in L4 is useless to me. I don’t use Tryko, so all the tons of Kentro are just hoarded. I don’t use Dilorach so I have no use for ourano. Gorgosuchus is ok since it was the only way I’ve unlocked it without spending a single Kaprosuchus DNA.
The only things I actually appreciate at L4 are the Carnotaurus (useful for my Carnotarkus) and the Koolasuchus G2 for Gemini. But I’d still trade this zone for either L2 or L3.


I totally forgot about Argentinosaurus and Dimetrodon, which are the only other ones that can come in handy. The rest is garbage though, or at least for me.

Then there is Local 1
Brachio, scinocera, concavenator and stegocera
Toujiang, postosuchus, megalosaurus, majundasuchus and echo
majundasaurus, dinocherus and dimetrodon g2

i would trade some of these out for some others.

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Secodonto seems pretty rare, unless there’s an event for it or someone puts it in sanctuaries, I can’t get it.

Secodontosaurus can be useful as well for some players, but I have tons of it. Argentinosaurus is the one I’m lacking DNA of.

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Park spawns DO suck, but their better then event spawns.


Nah, L3 is great for rares, argentino and dimetrodon, also has secodonto for Ardentis. I like living in L3 at least.


I see almost nothing but suchos near me, i hate it

L4 has better populace than L3. L3 has nothing to show for it. It has been neglected for a long time and needs a change in dinosaurs. I live in L3 and all I see is Diplocaulus and maybe an occasional raptor. L3 sucks and seems to be a running joke to Ludia

To be fair, I think they’re getting too many dinos in the game to keep spawn zones the way they are and not have exclusive dinos. But I like what they’re cranking out, so I support them.
I’m looking forward to the moment when I can say “Hey, I think it’s time were open up a fifth spawn zone.” I love that idea. Make them take less space and squeeze in a new one! More variety! I don’t think it’s time yet, though. I don’t think there are enough extra dinos yet to make a compelling argument. I don’t know what the process would take, but I imagine that would be a huge and painful effort in the programming.

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I’d support the idea of an L5!

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I support an L5. It’s the only way to release exclusive stuff plus

  1. It would result in a big zone shake up as all exclusives wouldn’t just be L5. They would be spread about the different zones

  2. A map change overall to accommodate the new zone which people always cry out for


That’s true.
I like the Idea Mark once said, give Incubators for tournament wins with Incubator exclusive as rewards.

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