Also missing challenge rewards

I logged in this morning and did the free challenge for for Sharpstone Keep and got all 3 dice. I rolled a 19 and got 19 of the rare Thunder Mace and Shield for Halbenet, score. However, it never showed up on my character. That’s complete BS. I have spent about $35 on this game and don’t mind supporting a great game, however, you won’t get another penny from me until this is fixed.

Hey Jncferranti, I’m sorry to hear if you’re missing your rewards, and our support team would be happy to take a look at this to see what might have happened. Could you email your support key over to our team here at Thanks!

I owe your team an apology. I did not understand the way the game reward system worked. I thought I got 19 of the rare armies if I rolled a 19. I now understand that I was mistaken and I was awarded the proper 3 rares I earned. Once again I apologize for the confusion on my part. Your team has created a very fun and enjoyable game. Thanks


Hey Jncferranti, that’s not a problem! :sweat_smile:

I’m just happy to hear that you had everything resolved.

Thank you as well for the kind words.