Alternate accounts?

Are you allowed to have a second account in this game? Im bored while grinding and want something to do.

I have a friend who has two accounts, Taiwan1 and Taiwan2, I don’t think there’s a rule against it

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Having 2 accounts is against the forum. Creating two will be a ban

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so u cant have two accounts on the forums? or ingame?


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oh i just want a second account ingame, not the forums. is that ok?

I’m not sure

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ah ok, @Piere87 do you know?

I have two accounts. One is the main one and the other is just for fun where I only use non-hybrid creatures. I believe it is okay to have two accounts or more.


okay cool. to be honest, i have had an alt for a while now, i just wanted to make sure my main wouldnt be banned

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Dude, creating a second account is not going to ban ur 1st account.It may be from f.b/Google.

You can make an alt account. You won’t get banned.