Alternate Hybrids?

Just a thought
What if they were alternate hybrids, basically a hybrid with the same components as another hybrid but are completely different than the original, this would double the amount to possible hybrids.

Should Alternate hybrids either be cheaper than the original but be slightly worse than the original or be just as good and cost the same but can’t be use on the same team

You mean Purrutaurus and Indotaurus lol


I think the idea is very good!

Ludia said they would be making for Gen 2 and Gen 3 creatures I assume that’s what you mean. Like indominus Rex gen2 and indoraptor Gen 2

No, Let this clear, they use the same components of another hybrid, not one, BOTH,

What he means is literally using the same components for 2 different hybrids. Like 2 different versions of Indominus Rex using both Velociraptor and T-Rex, or 2 different Allosino that both use Allosaurus and Sinoceratops

Oh ok, sry I didn’t understand

So you mean like redesign for example einiasuchus as a land crocodile or stegoceratops as a stegosaurus with triceratops horns and neckfrills

I guess but it would be a new hybrid with a different design and name, stats, moves, and resistances, play style, description and possibly class