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Alternate Reality Meets Shared Reality

I propose we set into motion a type of Bonding mode where you can bond to another player and share their experiences in a Shared Reality addition to this game.

How this would work is you choose someone, either in your friendslist or Alliance and click Request Shared Experience. And it will then reward you everything they are rewarded and the same for them. Can’t get Apex Deoxyribonucleic Acid? Bond. Want to double your earnings of that Mortem Rex and Hadros Lux Deoxyribonucleic Acid? Bond. If you dart, you both get whatever one of you darts each time. The bonding period would last for a full seven day stint.

You need to understand that this is an interactive way to bring us closer together. If you buy Hard Cash, the other player gets that Hard Cash. Literally everything is shared. If you gain experience points, they gain the same amount. You gain Alliance Rewards? They gain Alliance Rewards. Same for Campaign rewards.

Also, during the bonding period, they have access to your friendslist for Raids. Sanctuary can be coordinated with your bonding partner to gain double those rewards as well. And at the end of the bonding period, if you gain a certain amount of collaboration points you get an Incubator depending on if you both get 2,000 points as the target goal and it would give you both 5 of all three boosts, 25 Hard Cash and 20 Unique Deoxyribonucleic Acid at random along with 20,000 Coins.

Whether or not you reach the 2,000 points would be dependent upon whether or not you both put in the work so that it encourages both to be active during the bonding period so that one person isn’t simply carrying the other or leeching off the other.

Lastly, during this bonding period you will have access to the other person’s Strike Team for full use, but only their immediate Strike Team and it freezes as such. So they can switch all day long, but whatever they had when you bonded will be what you have access to.

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Maybe we might add a rule to limit the amount of times you can do this or do this with the same person because it might leave people out without friends. This way it encourages bonding with new people and maybe even offering a participation reward elevation process for each new person. So after bonding with a certain amount of people you unlock a very cool prize and there is a trickle-down for everyone associated with you so for every bonding ladder you are apart of that is completed you gain miniature rewards.

I love this idea!

I’m glad. I wish more would support this. This could change things forever. What do you think? @th3bub14 @Qaw Yes? No?

It’s a cool idea, but implementation is key in this. If it is too widespread or yields too much, it’s a no no.

Also Apex DNA should only come from raids. Otherwise it undermines them

But it’s a shared reality. At first I thought that too, but every aspect needs to be shared. Imagine how good this could be for people who work two jobs and go to school versus a kid without many responsibilities with more free time to grind.

It’s not bad in those cases, but I just don’t think it should be a replacement. Having someone else do the work for you really messes up the gameplay.

It can be a paid feature, not in the literal cash sense. But the whole point of shared reality is a shared experience. I think this is very innovative. This could really go places amongst many games whereas it involves groups of players no matter what you call them game to game. I’m taking this to Shark Tank.

I mean, as long as it’s not drastically speeding up progression I think it’s fine

What if one person does all the work, and the other player logs out all day? Basically free rewards for no work.

What if both players put in the effort all day? That’s alotta of reward if EVERYTHING is copied. Sounds like too much.

But that’s just it. It incites you teaming up with people you know or being carried when you can’t really be active. Either way this will help busy moms and dads who can’t keep up with the loner teen with no life.

Nah. There’s getting to be too many new features. With sooo many raids each weekday and tournaments on weekends I think only the really hardcore players would have time for this.

LOL! @Qaw Did you just read what you wrote?

You literally just advocated for it while turning it down. What you just said… is exactly why we need this! Because people don’t have the time. Why stress when they can just push a button for a Shared Reality?

I get why it could save time in some scenarios, but you would have to coordinate for it though, and then there would be debates over who deserves to share with the top player and a lot of bitterness and jealousy all around. With Apex raids we already have that whenever lower-level players get carried.

It might be doable if you implement it right, but it’s not something I’d be excited about or look forward to.

I personally have friends who just are going through things and can’t be around. I also know that some players like to play on more than one account to have different experiences in some games so the game play balances itself out. Think about it. If someone say had three accounts they are going to play more any way, so why not let someone they don’t mind helping benefit? It’s a mutual choice and even if they agree to it and one person slacks off it can only happen once before the other person catches on.

We could even have a hub with a Shared Reality Rating that rates your activeness, not by the player, but by a daily activity tracker and game play time tracker, log in log out tracking etc.