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Alternating Daily Mission Reward


I would like to see different epics weekly as the Daily Mission reward. This would give people more of a chance to get the epics that they need for hybrids since the extreme rarity of epics is an issue. Please make this happen

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No tyranosaurs is a very good solid reward. It should run as long as alanqua did

As should all future ones.

It’s nice because you only get like 10 DNA per Dino per incubator.

Getting a solid longish running source of DNA is amazing


Nah it shouldn’t change weekly. Maybe monthly would be better.


Make it 3 months. Call it a season. It’s a good thing


T-Rex forever, please! <3


Yes exactly. I need all the Rex DNA I can get. I’ve no interest in his hybrids at all. But leveling him up… Oh yeah

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Need all the rex dna I can get. Hope it stays for a good while.

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Oh dear, yes, you’ll want allll his hybrids. :slight_smile:


Naw I have already smashed them at comparable levels with current team…

I would like to do his ankylodon hybrid but that’s just for looks


well If we get anky/kentro after 2-3 months of t-rex dna than I support this :stuck_out_tongue:


Well…do me a favor and don’t level him past 20 until you’re SURE you don’t want to use that precious dna somewhere else. :slight_smile:


It is precious… Very precious indeed.


I agree. I currently have no use of Tyrannosaurus since I have already created Indominus and Indoraptor and I don’t have Ankyntrosaurus or Erlikosaurus close to level 20 (but I’m still collecting as much as I can for the future), but I need other epics.

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I have Indominous and that is it


We need t-rex. And once we got a lot, we will need more. In fact unless you have all its hybrids to 30 and t-rex itself at 30 you still need t-rex DNA.
(and you probably want more in case of a new hybrid :rofl:)


The problem is the negatives of us getting the same reward day in and day out… what did it cost us for them to give us trex everyday? Local 4 loses anky, since Trex is no longer a tryko limiter Ludia decided we needed a new one. In typical Ludia fashion they choose anky who has another hybrid line instead of targeting the only tryko component not used in another hybrid Kentro. So now local 4 is a trash heap and the raja line is now not only underpowered but one of its already scarce components is sentenced to park purgatory.

If we werent getting the same reward everyday Ludia wouldnt have made that change. Not to mention indom and indo are now basically free legendaries/uniques and could be nerfed since they are so easy to obtain.

Very rarely do we get a positive without something else taken away. Its quite clear now 1.5 spawn mechanics were introduced because of alliance missions and dna requests.

Trex spawn in the wild way more then 1.5 Id like to see more variety without Ludia feeling the need to migrate velo to parks in 1.7


How long did Alanqa last?


Would say a long time


The entire duration of 1.5

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“Park purgatory”.

Best term to come out of this game yet!

After thought, do I really need more than 6k rex dna?