Alternative booster use

With the boosters you can make dinosaurs op, everybody nows that. But sometimes they become too op, like thor
But what If boosters can’t be used with all the battles?
Boosters get cooldown. On the beginning of the battle you can choose If you want to use boosters and on what dinosaurs. Than after the battle the boosters get a cooldown of maybe around an hour.
This way you can still use the boosters, but it stops you from getting higher and higher on the ranks just because you have a lot of boosters

Don’t think, this is good solution. This way will be even less battling in arena. Alliances will have more difficulties to achieve defense missions requiring battles.

Bigger team, at least 12 dinos for top arenas would solve problem with overboosted too OP dinos as there would be less chances those dinos get selected. At the time players reach Lockwood already have more than 8 dinos lvl 20 or higher, so there is no issue filling that places. This would also lower overboosting one or two dinos as more evenly boosted teams would have more success.

Split arenas for unboosted teams and boosted teams would be way better. That way you have two different leaderboards and most of players would be happy.


This is a good idea, but need to be modified a bit. Instead of cooldowns in terms of time, cooldowns in terms of number of battles would be better. For example, after a boosted Thor is used in a battle, the boosts on Thor cannot be used in the following say, 2 battles. In the third battle, the boosts on Thor can be used again. This way players will go on battling with unboosted dinos, and can also avoid having less battles in the arena. Moreover, people will avoid using all boosted dinos in a single battle since after that, the following battles will have all unboosted dinos. They will instead spread the boosts over successive battles and this makes a more balanced arena.

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The best solution would be to remove boosts from the game. But since Ludia has gone 110% fanboi for da boosties, this will never happen.

The only solution remaining is two seperate battle arenas, one for stock dinos that temporarily removes all boosts for the duration of the battle(s), and one for boosted dinos only.

Both arenas will be required to award the exact same trophies, scores and prizes as well.