Alternative dna aquisition


I was thinking we could have something like an extraction lab, where you could leave a dino for harvesting and get like 1 or more dna every few hours, that dino would be unavailable for any use until you take him out of harvest, i think its worth the try.


That sounds like a good idea but that can defeat the point of going out and getting more dinosaurs which is what the game is all about


Thats why i suggested just 1-2 dna every few hours so the game doesnt get broken with people only using that method but yeah i know its kinda risky


I think it would definitely be nice to have another alternative to be able to get more DNA. Or have items that can be purchased like double XP, double DNA, etc. .


I was thinking a tech tree might be nice.
In it could be drone and dart upgrade options.
Maybe DNA efficiency techs.