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Alternative, non-exploitative ways for Ludia to make money

The only real justification I have seen for boosts is that Ludia needs to make its money. Fair enough, but Niantic manage to rake it in and no-one ever seems to feel ripped off or exploited. As such, I wondered what suggestions we could come up with, to replace boost income?

Some quick suggestions, but I’ve no doubt there are better ideas out there:

  • Different interactions in sanctuary - maybe even just different toys/food, possibly giving extra DNA
  • Super darts giving double DNA for a limited time
  • New profile images or customised layouts
  • Not a new thing, but I’d really urge them to reduce the price of stuff in the store. I will never spend 1000 on an epic scent. I would probably spend 200 on one.

How about simple donation button ? If players really appreciate this game why don’t give them an opportunity to donate some amount of money what they want to donate.

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They should take a page out of POGO and do more brand interactions similar to what they did in the beginning with the special AMC epic incubator. I’m assuming they have very good KPI’s with daily active users, average session time, map/location interactions, etc, that brands would be throwing money at them to be involved in the game. Really surprised they haven’t done this yet as I think it would make them a lot more money than boosts and community would be much happier…

Skiiiins and pigmentssss!
Do it, Ludia!

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I posted this idea about VIP getting a personal supply drop to get me and other F2P to join.
I also gave them the idea they could sell temporary supply drops as an added way to get players to buy and spend game cash.

The only issue I would have with this is that the game is unstable enough half the time. But it would be really cool to do your own paint job. :grin:

Well, Ludia could add anything and it becomes unstable. They’re still going to add stuff though, so might as well be actual fun stuff.

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If Ludia sold custom skins and all the frilly stuff, I wouldnt even spend a cent. PoGo lost me because it was pretty much JWA without the increased spawn chance and ability to buy stuff I needed to progress.

As is, if they replaced boost for frills, they would probably lose huge amounts of money because not enough people want frills and custom jobs.

Sad to say, most of the player base would leech. Saves me huge amounts of money buying HC. Now with the 120 timer, I feel less likely to buy HC since i am paying Ludia to waste my time.

Some wouldn’t, others probably would. They’d want to stand out somehow. And if you’d need to buy an item to change every time, there would be some who would change their mind about the aspect and color they’d want on a critter or more.
Personally, I don’t mind boosts. I’ve boosted (with earned boosts) some stuff to fit my needs in order to stay at a level where I’m gaining sufficient DNA and boosts since I’m not in a hurry. I kind of regret reaching Aviary sometimes, because the DNA quality is usually lower than the quantity.

Their best bet is to bake a battle pass into it like cpash royals right into vip… subs matter… when supercell added it to clash of clans it made 27 million off of the pass in a month which isnt bad for a 4.99 purchase on a 6 year old game. For those of you unfamiliar.

The right side of those are for all players and the left side is only for those that buy the pass. Unlock tiers similar to dbi… there are 35 tiers and you have a “season” which is a month to unlock them as fast or as slow as you would like. Pass members can also que to unlock there next chest… so you can unlock two 3 hours ones… by starting one wnd queing the next… which is really nice.

Ludia could stick some boosts, arena exclusive dna, and some select incubators in the paid slot… id be willing to pay 15 a months for this in cause even at that price its a steal compared to most of the stuff in the shop.

comparing apples to oranges… jwa needs the numbers that pogo has which is a childhood game. even after they changed gyms where it gave less coins back daily, players griped but kept playing and numbers grew. then they add raids, the numbers grew exponentially. now they are giving players the shiny fix lol and they are still hooked years later. the game has a story with each gen. cross platform interaction.