Alternative Skins

This Game can have more variety so, i though that adding new skins to dinosaurs can increase Game rateness (due to ugly skin-dinos can have more than that skin) & variety in PvP, more colorful.

Those skins can be unlocked via leveling up that concrete dinosaur or with Achievements


Leveling up Raptor to level 15 can unlock Inferno Raptor (JPLW one)

Doing 20 strike events Will unlock for you the JPOG Ouranosaurus

And winning 500 battles Will unlock White Albino Indoraptor (Deleted JWFK scenes one)

Also if possible Compy (we only got him as playable in PS2 Game) and Chaos Effect hybrid (the pioneers of the hybrids in JP universe)


I want realism skins for the hybrids. I’d change them from the pinks and purples to look more Jurassic Park-ish.


Yeah, as much as I love the model of Spinotasuchus, I really wish I could change that purple, pink, blue and nuclear green rainbow puke color reminding me of the Chaos Effect Abominations to something more Jurassic World / Park esque. Like black with light blue or dark red stripes.

I want an option to change my Allosino color to chameleon green color so that opponent will think im playing a Thorador.

I would love to see those Chaos Effect Abominations ingame tho (maybe cuz I grew up with em LOL)
They were the pioneers about hybridation LOL, even, yet i don’t know anyone that would not like Ultimasaurus in their roster