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Alternative to boosts idea

Instead of boosts maybe we could earn points to spend on adding a power to the dino like add precise to a rampage but the add ons you can only use once per battle. Lots of possibilities. Boosts have ruined this game. They keep fixing the game til its broke. Ever since boosts were added its gone down hill. People complained enough that they RUINED Dracoceratops. I imagine indorapter gen 2 with be tinkered and ruined as well. The campaign was a AMAZING idea. Should make more but make one be like, win 5 battles using just raptors, with 5 battles with out loosing a single dinosaur. Boosts are not fair, a bad idea, and should GO AWAY!

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How about a simple refund of dino bucks? I don’t want to face an Erlidominus with precise rampage and rampage and run, or a Phorusaura with instant definite rampage.