Alternative to the Critical Hit System

Critical hits are dumb. Can’t predict them, can’t play around them, can’t do anything with them. What if there was a way to make them more fair and involve more strategy? Here’s something I thought of.

In battles, players get a bar in the corner of their screen known as the “Critical Meter.” Every successful damaging move fills up the meter by 25%. Nondamaging moves like ID, Sidestep, Prowls, Evasive Stance, Mutual Fury, etc, do not fill the meter. A successful takedown automatically gives the player a 100% charge on their meter.

Once the meter is at 100%, the player has the option to activate a critical hit on their next attack. If they chose not to, they can save it for another turn, and the meter resets, allowing them to stack crits if desired. When they chose to use the critical hit, the meter will reset back to 0% and the process starts over again.

Pros: Predictability, encouraging of strategic play, no more out of nowhere crit wins/less frustrating PVP.

Cons: Dinos with high critical hit chances might need to be rebalanced, players that like to taunt after beating people with sheer luck will need a new hobby.

What do yall think?


But that’s the only variable that makes matches slightly different. I prefer variety of viable counters where everyone can use different dinosaurs to the same general success, but we don’t have that. Boosts suck and are used on the same dinosaurs, because they are the strongest dinosaurs. Crits are the only thing can make most fair battles interesting. I like the unpredictability of matches, wich there isn’t much of. If you could predict every match what’s the fun?


If by interesting you mean frustrating, demoralizing, and stress including then I can’t disagree. Boosts and creature variety make matches plenty variable. Crits aren’t needed on top of that.

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In the beginning I loved the whole critical hits idea, then Thor was created and it was a litt annoying, then boosts made the whole entire arena annoying. The original crits where fun just like the original arena was fun. Now I avoid it as much as possible.


Crits can be annoying, yet they can also turn the tide of a match, and I think they’re fine as is


That is precisely why they need to change, in my opinion. You could have done everything right, and lose on account of a lucky critical hit. Ludia changed stunning dino kits for this reason, and I think they should do the same for critical hits.

This can also happen when you’ve done everything to the best of your abilities, but you’re losing. Then the lucky crit comes to save the match. It’s a bit of a trade-off

Dude your lucky now it increases the attack by 25% back in the old days it was 50%, be grateful that cricts deal less

I’ve been playing since June. I know what old crits were like.

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:hushed::slightly_frowning_face: Oh cool

They were annoying, and they’re better now for sure, but I still think there’s room for improvement. They did a good job by changing the way dodge worked.

looking at your suggestion, i see no problem with it in principle. crit would still do the damage it would on success. and this get’s players thinking, do i crit now to beat this creature or save it for something else? when are they going to pull their crit card? It adds some strategy while also having an unpredictable element of when will the player pull the trigger.

two things i’d like to point out:

  1. 100% filled meter upon a takedown seems like a lot. Can using a Crit from a full meter to takedown an opponent fill the meter again to 100%? I think that kind of defeats the purpose of having to use damaging moves to fill it. so either it won’t fill the meter, or a takedown should be a 50% fill of the meter. I understand people can stack crits, but it feels really exploitable like this.
  2. non damaging moves not filling the meter. I can see the case for things like ID and MF to not do so. Other things that come to mind that may be affected are DoTs and Counters. How would these effect the crit meter? DoT because it is not an actual damaging “move” after the initial hit, and counters as they are a passive ability and not something people have to click a button to activate.
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Sounds interesting. I’ve wondered about something similar myself before.
But there’s a reason critical hits exist as they are. They add a random element to the arena that the devs clearly want there. Other games like Pokemon also have this random element.

It must be there for a reason.


Critical hits work fine as is in my opinion.

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I also had an idea on how to rework crits in this game making them less frustrating. My idea was that there should be a limit to how many crits can a creature hit, for example: If a creature has 40% to crit it can only crit 4 times out of 10 attacks (4/10), if it has 20% then only 2 crits out of 10 attacks (2/10) and if it has 5% or 10% then it can hit one crit out of 10 attacks (1/10). This will also apply to counter attackers like tryko, if it hits 3 crits only on its counter then it cannot crit anymore. Abilities that apply more crit chances are taking into consideration, example: Ready to crush > +30% + 20%(from a creature) = 50% which means it can hit 5 criticals out of 10 attacks ; Extended critical strike > +60% + 20%(from a creature) = 80% which means it can hit 8 criticals out of 10 attacks.

I like it as it is. That would rig the game because that would mean Dino’s with with 20% crit go from getting it a lot to almost none. Then others with boosted get it almost every time which wouldn’t be fair, if something like that was to happen, then every crit needs to be a little higher

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I think you misunderstood a little. In this theoretical version, individual crit % for dinos are all completely eliminated. Critical hits activated by the player are guaranteed to occur.

I kind of like this idea. I’ve seen something like this before in a game. Actually its like some of the new Mortal Kombats. You build up the specials bar.

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Alternatively, the bar could fill up faster for creatures with a higher crit chance.

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I was just thinking about picking up 11 today, lol.

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